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Sponsorship Opportunities

I'd like to Sponsor:

It is the sole mission of Duval Pageantry to EMPOWER, EDUCATE and EVOLVE the LGBTQ community in areas that positively impact the mental and physical well being, by providing creative outlets and references to resources for firm foundations on which we stand.

Your donations and/or sponsorship to our program help us achieve this purpose are appreciated.  

Don't want to sponsor?  Please donate any amount towards our cause.

Sponsorship Packages available:

Duval Bronze Sponsorship - $500

- Four (4) tickets to the five official Duval pageants, including 4 reserved or VIP seating.




Duval Silver Sponsorship - $1,000
Includes all benefits of the Bronze Sponsorship, plus:

- Sponsor given access for vendor table at event to schedule and/or provide services onsite.

- Sponsor listed on all advertisements for event.

- Sponsor given a premium spot for five (5) minute live presentation for audience during event.



Duval Gold Sponsorship - $3,000
Includes all benefits of the Silver Sponsorship, plus:

- Titleholder gives presentation on behalf of sponsoring agency at prime moment of the event.

- Sponsor banners/ promotional material pre-placed at all seating prior to event.  

- Sponsor listed and added to all media produced and sold for event.

- Sponsor added to company site as Official Sponsor.




Duval Platinum Sponsorship - $5,000

Includes all benefits of the Gold Sponsorship, plus:

- Titleholder will produce and Duval Pageantry System will distribute/promote a 3 second video compaign for Sponsor.

- Sponsor given a full page on pageantry system website.

Sponsor provided with five (5) tickets and table for event, and given special recognition as guest of honor at event.

- Sponsor logo/ website/ address added to all media produced and distributed for event.

- Sponsor banner added to stage for duration of event.




A perfect opportunity for businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals commentating an event or recognition.

For more information, please email


On behalf of our community, we thank you for your patronage.

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